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QList is an online list manager. It supports different kinds of lists with fields apprropriate to that list (e.g. "Due Date" in Do Lists, "Bug Status" in Bug Lists). QList works on any device with an internet connection and a browser. List sharing is built in and you can see if someone else has changed the list since you last logged in.
Get more screen space when using QList by going "Full Screen" on your mobile or tablet. To do this simply add a link to QList on your mobile home screen. This makes QList bigger and your lists easier to see.
To share a list with another registered user all you need is an email address. Add this to the "list of shares" and when that person registers or logs in the list is automatically shown in their lists. You can also set whether another user can only edit or simply view the list.
"Do Lists" are the most popular list and colour coding is used to show when items are current, overdue or in the future. This makes it easy to see what is important in yoru list."
Using QList is simple and straightforward. It usually takes about 2 minutes to learn to use QList.
The list types currently supported are "Do List", "Bug List", "Event List", "Membership List", "Shopping List", "Team List" and "General List". If you have a specific list type you wish to see, please email as new list types are easily added.
If two people are editing a list at the same time, each user is warned if the list item they are editing has been changed. This ensures your lists are always in sync.
QList works on any device with an internet connection and browser. So you are never "out of reach" of your lists. Tested on all the major browsers and operating systems.